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How the offer works:

  1. Shop for new items that you haven’t ordered from HUB before (see disclaimer below).
  2. Enter the promo code online at time of purchase or mention to rep at time of order for points to accumulate. (Any order placed without the promo code being entered at time of purchase cannot be counted towards total points earned.)
  3. Every time you order something new, use the promo code BUYNEW21W to begin collecting points. Accumulated points can then be redeemed towards any free premium featured on this page. $1 spent equals 1 point earned.
  4. Only orders placed between the dates of 10/18/2021 and 12/10/2021 will qualify towards this promotion. Your cumulative orders of any new items during this timeframe will count towards your premium.
  5. HUB’s marketing team will track your orders where you have used the promo code. Once the promotion has ended, all points earned will be tallied up and you will be contacted by your rep with the amount of points available to spend.
  6. You must reply back to the rep by 1/1/2022 with your chosen reward and address to ship to. Prizes will be forfeited if no contact is made to rep by 1/1/2022.
  7. Points earned may be redeemed in any combination and number of prizes, with one exception: Your choice of prizes can include no more than one prize in 5,000-point category.
  8. Due to the current supply chain situation, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your prize requests in time for Christmas.
  9. Begin thinking of creative ways to incorporate these items as gifts for your employees!


DISCLAIMER: This offer applies to new line items only. New line items are products that you have not previously purchased or have not purchased within 24 months of the current order date. Customers must enter or say the promo code for every order made during the promotional time period at the time of checkout for qualifying items to be counted towards this offer. In the event of shortages on your chosen premium, we will offer you choices of alternatives of equal or greater value. Offer void where prohibited. Users assume all responsibility when purchasing qualifying items according to the best interests of their company and in compliance with their company’s ethical standards. We reserve the right to end any promotion at any time. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offers, previously negotiated discounts, or special pricing. Purchases of specially-negotiated pricing on otherwise qualifying items may be excluded from this promotion at the discretion of HUB Industrial Supply. Points from multiple facility locations cannot be combined. Lead times will apply on prizes. Customers must reply to rep by 1/1/2022 to receive earned prizes or points accrued will be lost.

Call our industry specialists at 800.746.9401 if you have any questions about additional products. We’re here to help!

OFFER EXPIRES 12/10/2021.