COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update (4/9/2020)

Demand for N95 masks continues to challenge the supply chain, and existing inventories continue to be diverted to meet the demand of healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Available masks that do exist have risen in cost by a factor of 20.

OSHA has issued a memo addressing this shortage which may be found in the references below.

Quick Look

  • Items affected by COVID-19 such as masks, suits and gloves have been earmarked with a disclaimer on our web pages. We also have added a badge that appears on these items if they are out of stock.
  • Unless you have an order history with HUB prior to 2/1/20, we cannot accept new orders of designated items from you at this time.
  • All orders of designated items are not final until approved by an inventory manager.
  • Backorders will be filled as inventory becomes available; backorders with 30-day or longer lead time will be canceled.
  • Returns of designated items purchased during the pandemic are not returnable.
  • Inventory and the supply chain remain strong on items not affected by COVID-19.
  • Orders placed by 6:00PM EST on quick-ship items ship the same day. (Look for the QUICKSHIP badge on the product listings on our web site to be assured of availability of that product).
  • Our team can be reached at (800) 743-9401 and are ready to serve.

Our team is working tirelessly to manage our supply chain and ensure your orders and products are shipping and arrive as expected.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email. We thank you for your loyal support of our business!

Geoff Otts
General Manager
HUB Industrial Supply


We are temporarily invoking the following exceptions to our usual policies:

  • Returns of Coronavirus-related products are not allowed.
  • Our $100 Same-Day-Shipping guarantee will not be honored on Coronavirus-related products.
  • You can still see what items are in stock by viewing the item online—if it is accompanied by the QUICKSHIP badge, it is in stock and will ship same day.

Inventory IQ

Our team is fully supporting your inventory IQ solutions during this time. We are available for technical, hardware and product support. Our team can be reached at:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a particulate respirator be used before it must be discarded?

Respirator filters, whether disposable or reusable, in some cases can be used for extended periods of time. In other cases, they must be discarded at the end of each shift or sooner. You should always refer to the time use restrictions specified by the manufacturer or regulation. All filters must be replaced whenever they are damaged, soiled, or causing noticeably increased breathing resistance (i.e., causing discomfort to the wearer). Before each use, the outside of the filter material should be inspected. If the filter material is physically damaged or soiled, the filter should be discarded. Employers must develop standard operating procedures for storing, reusing respirators or disposing of respirators that have been designated as disposable.
(source: Moldex)

What maintenance and care is required for respirators?

The employer must provide for the cleaning and disinfecting, storage, inspection and repair of respirators used by employees according to the procedures in 29CFR1910.134.
(source: Moldex)