2-for-1 Weld Guarantee

HUB Industrial Supply guarantees the workmanship of our manufactured band saw blades. If the welded joint of a HUB-manufactured blade separates or breaks prematurely under normal use, HUB Industrial Supply will replace the defective blade with two blades of the same size and style.

This guarantee does not apply to blades sold as factory seconds (Sku 011-007-422). Defective blade is subject to inspection by HUB Industrial Supply to determine the validity of the claim. HUB Industrial Supply reserves the right to decline or prorate the claim even if the failure of the blade occurs at the site of the weld in the following circumstances:

  1. The blade shows every indication it was at the end of its service life and happened to fail at the weld. The evidence of a defective weld is when it fails near the start of a blade’s service life, not at its end.
  2. The area around the weld shows signs of tampering.
  3. The wear pattern of the blade indicates failure caused by an improperly maintained saw.

The terms and conditions of this guarantee were revised Oct 30, 2020, and supersede all previous iterations of this guarantee.