Meet Some of Our Team

  • Geoff Otts

    General Manager
    • Geoff Otts came to HUB Industrial Supply with an impressive history managing sales personnel in the industrial supply space. He has distinguished himself as a motivator and innovator in various managerial positions with Fairmont Supply, MSC, Barnes, and others. When offered the chance to be the GM at HUB, he jumped at the chance.

      “I see a huge growth opportunity here at HUB, due to the strength of our team and the exceptional service we provide to our clients,” he said, adding “I am honored to lead such a team”.

      Geoff is a devoted family man who likes to go boating with his wife Cheryl and their two kids. They are also very active in sports and their local church.

    Geoff Otts - General Manager
  • Stuart Johnson

    Director of Sales and Marketing
    • There is a saying that goes, "A man may do an immense deal of good if he does not care who gets the credit of it." These are words that Stuart lives by. When Stuart is involved on a task, the work gets done quickly, efficiently, and without a lot of fanfare.

      He came to HUB as a young man in 2000 and has worked in nearly every department as he rose to the position he now holds. With his wealth of first-hand experience in every corner of the company, Stuart is well-equipped to manage his diverse and talented staff.

      Stuart is married with 3 kids and enjoys time with family, reading, exploring and community.

    Stuart Johnson - Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Kevin Kock

    • Kevin Kock (pronounced "Cook") grew up on a farm in Chancellor, South Dakota. He traded his manure shovel for a computer a long time ago, but he held on to his sturdy Midwestern values when he relocated to Florida in the late '80s.

      Kevin joined HUB in 2005 and has been a crucial figure in the company's success since then. As controller, Kevin holds a lot of responsibility for the financial side of the business, leveraging our cash flow/debt/credit/collections policies for optimum horsepower to allow HUB to continue to grow and be profitable.

      Kevin once famously said, "If our competitors saw our people, they would drool; if they saw our payroll, they would faint!"

      More of a mountains guy than a beach guy, Kevin and wife Mary are frequent visitors to the Smoky Mountain National Park.

    Kevin Kock - Controller
  • Alex Kirsch

    Director of Technology
    • Alex Kirsch brings two decades of hands-on experience in information systems, information technologies, and operations to HUB Industrial. As the Director of Technology, Alex oversees the architecture, implementation, and support of all business systems that HUB uses to operate and manage the business.

      Most recently, Alex served as the Chief Technology Officer for an online sign company and was instrumental in the design and implementation of their custom software, business systems, and other information technology systems.

    Alex Kirsch - Director of Technology
  • Shawn Johnson

    Client Experience Manager
    • Shawn started working at HUB in 2000. At the time, there were about 15 employees in the organization.

      As Client Service Manager, his duties require superior problem-solving skills and a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the LTL and parcel service business. He supervises a staff of 4 other client services experts, all of whom have strict instructions to do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients—our Boss.

      Shawn's sonorous voice and trustworthy demeanor have cast him in the role of a fanciful news anchor in HUB's Monday Morning Minute video series, which is available for viewing on our home page.

      When not working, Shawn can be found mixing it up with his boisterous family, which includes wife Melanie, 4 sons and 2 daughters.

    Shawn Johnson - Client Experience Manager
  • Andy Carrender

    Director of Operations
    • Andy started with HUB Industrial in January 2012. Prior to that, Andy spent 15 years working in the finance industry in various roles. Since coming on board as inventory manager, he has expanded his responsibilities to include management of our warehouse and manufacturing department.

      In his spare time, Andy enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He also has a twin brother who lives in the same community. The two brothers look so much alike that even people who have known them since they were kids still have difficulty telling them apart, which leads to many opportunities for mistaken identities. This is more of a problem in the grocery store than at work, however. They have never deliberately "traded places" at work, as far as we know…

    Andy Carrender - Director of Inventory and Warehouse Logistics
  • Danny Kampmeyer

    Product Manager
    • Our team of product managers are a talented bunch. Each have their own way of sourcing the products our customers need while forging strong relationships with our vendors. Danny has the remarkable ability to stand up to the pressures applied by our sales staff and suppliers, finding solutions that work for all concerned, and earning their respect in the process.

      Prior to joining HUB Industrial Supply in 2011, Danny spent 13 years as an installation and service manager for a leading landscape contractor. Danny’s background in project management, customer service and marketing gives him a unique insight into the qualities clients require and value in a supplier.

      In his spare time, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife and growing family doing yard work, home remodeling, and volunteering at church.

    Danny Kampmeyer - Product Manager
  • Bennett Lacey

    Industry Sales Manager
    • Bennett serves the galvanizing and pallet industry. He is a creative thinker and has greatly expanded the reach of HUB specialty products across North America as well as other continents. His goal is to help his customers get the best products and make more money.

      Bennett started at HUB in 2010, although he remembers an isolated afternoon one summer as a kid when he earned $20 and some free pizza helping bag up kits of fasteners with some friends at HUB—for a 12 year old boy, that was a big deal in those days.

      Bennett likes to spend time with his wife and two boys, help others, and play about any sport that he can find others willing to play.

    Bennett Lacey - National Accounts Manager
  • David Miller

    Manager of Strategic Accounts
    • David is a big picture guy and is skilled at finding solutions to customer's problems that work well with both management and the workers on the line. He also is a Certified Safety Professional who can advise companies on appropriate measures to stay compliant with safety rules.

      Before joining HUB, David was a United States Marine, Vice President of Suwannee River Log Homes, and an operations manager for a large photo studio.

      David's feeling about working for HUB: "The company believes in taking care of its clients. They also carry that same feeling over into the employees."

      David enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids when not working. He also drinks a lot of sweet tea—partly for the flavor, and partly to show his allegiance to his southern roots.

    David Miller - National Accounts Manager
  • Jonny Guinn

    Product Specialist
    • Jonny has been an industry specialist for HUB since 2009, assisting some of our biggest clients in the pallet industry. In 2012, HUB added his likeness to all our shipping cartons, because he had garnered the most votes from the public in a promotion that was tied to the presidential election of that year. He became our honorary "President of You're the Boss," and presided for a year in that capacity.

      Apart from his stellar work at HUB, Jonny is also a talented singer and performs regularly at church. His family includes wife Heidi and three children. They enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and travel. Jonny also loves to cook and enjoys a strong cup of coffee.

    Jonny Guinn - National Accounts Specialist
  • Leigh Britt

    Industry Account Manager
    • Leigh started at HUB in 2004 assisting clients in the auto recycling industry. As a former owner-operator of a dry-cleaning business, she brings with her an empathy for the struggles faced by smaller shops doing their best to make a difference in a rough and tumble world.

      Leigh's clients have long relied on her expertise in recommending the best equipment for their situation, and she is particularly well-versed in the world of dismantling sawblades.

      Leigh and husband Sonny have 3 children and a grandchild. She enjoys country life and spending time with family.

    Leigh Britt - National Accounts Specialist
  • Rachel Shaheen

    Industry Specialist
    • If you are a whitewood pallet company needing supplies from HUB, the pleasant voice you are hearing on the other end of the line is probably that of Rachel Shaheen. Rachel started here in 2011 in the client services department, and later moved into her current position where she works closely with Pallet industry.

      Rachel loves to spend time with her family, immediate and extended, and she likes to travel. She is married to husband Nathan and they have 3 children. Rachel is a very hard-working individual both on and off the job, and the one guilty pleasure she permits herself is that she loves to shop.

    Rachel Shaheen - National Accounts Specialist
  • Jonny Handy

    IT / Web Manager
    • As a member of the IT team at HUB, Jonny's forte is working with hardware. When he's not troubleshooting someone's computer or our warehouse scanners, Jonny is the main hardware specialist on our Inventory IQ® team.

      Jonny came to us in late 2013. He had a successful career in a telecommunications company before deciding to join us here at HUB. His expertise has helped shape our destiny in a way that would not be possible in a much larger company.

      In his spare time, Jonny volunteers with many organizations including the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) which helps connect communities in crisis when they have been impacted by a disaster. He also likes to spend time with his wife and four daughters.

    Jonny Handy - Website Product Manager
  • Marga Arnold

    Sr. Administrative Assistant
    • Marga projects the kind of confident efficiency that allows the rest of the HUB staff to relax. We know that all the details are going to be taken care of—no matter what the project is—when Marga is involved.

      Marga came to work for HUB in 2005 when she answered a blind ad for an administrative assistant. She had previously worked as a personal assistant to a bank president and also to a prominent ophthalmologist.

      Marga is married with three children and three grandchildren. Husband Phillip grew up in Georgia and is a lifelong Bulldog fan and Marga is happy to stand by her man. In the summertime, Marga likes to go with her husband and grandchild Conner out to the Gulf of Mexico to go scalloping and fishing.

    Marga Arnold - Sr. Administrative Assistant
  • Matthew Skowron

    Inventory Control Manager
    • Matthew is another "old-timer" with HUB, having started in 2003 as a mere youth assembling fastener kits in the warehouse. He has worked in several departments over the years, eventually putting his experience and innate intelligence to work in our inventory control department. In this capacity, he works closely with our IT department to bend the software configurations to most benefit HUB's needs. Management and sales associates alike value Matt's problem-solving skills and his willingness to work very hard to get our clients the stuff they need when they need it.

      Matthew is married and has two daughters. He enjoys fishing, bicycling, snorkeling and spending time with his family when not at work.

    Matthew Skowron - Inventory Control Manager
  • Terri Roemer

    Accounts Receivable
    • When Terri first reported to work at HUB in 2003, there were only five or six cars in our parking lot. Things have changed a lot since then. One thing that has been a constant, however, is Terri’s efficient performance as A/R specialist in the accounting department. Terri is responsible for billing and collections, and she handles what can sometimes be a delicate matter with compassion and professionalism.

      Terri is a grandma with a wide variety of interests including photography, cycling, and her newest passion, which is playing pickleball.

    Terri Roemer - Accounts Receivable
  • David Durbin

    Credit Manager
    • David is a serious and hard-working chap who has held a variety of operations positions since he started at HUB in 2013. He now works in our accounting department, which is an assignment that he lobbied hard to obtain and which makes best use of his talents.

      Prior to coming to HUB, David worked as a partner in a small construction business not too different from some of the clients he now serves at HUB. He says the experience showed him how important efficiency is to being profitable.

      When he is not on the job, he likes to spend time with his young daughter. Also, he’s presently furthering his education by pursuing a degree in accounting part time. This is an investment of time that he thinks will be beneficial for the future.

    David Durbin - Credit Manager
  • Ryan Tenneboe

    Shipping Department Leader
    • Ryan came here in early 2014 ago when it was determined that our growing team of warehouse workers needed an additional layer of management to meet our production goals.

      "I came here for the culture," Ryan explains. "I had worked my way up in my previous job, but I knew that moving to HUB was a chance to further my career. I really enjoy the challenges and positive work environment here and the fact that we are a fast-growing company."

      Ryan is intelligent, earnest and likes sharing a good adventure with his wife, Brianna. He also roasts his own coffee beans in a fanatical quest for crafting the best coffee known to man.

    Ryan Tenneboe - Shipping Department Leader
  • Ken Lacey

    Content Manager
    • Ken spends his days making sure the things we write are spelled correctly and make sense. He is the writer of many articles, product descriptions and marketing pieces. He's also the head puppeteer behind the camera, doing what he can to make our on-camera talent feel at home doing things they never knew they were signing up for when they came to work for HUB!

      For Ken, this position requires just the right blend of creativity and wonkish research to keep him content.

      Ken and his wife Aida are avid pickleball enthusiasts. They also love spending time with their kids and grandkids.

    Ken Lacey - Content Manager
  • Hannah Vaccaro

    Strategic Account Executive
    • Hannah Vaccaro has been working in the glass industry since 2022. She describes herself as highly competitive and driven to succeed. In her collegiate years, she played lacrosse at the University of North Florida. Her teammates were glad they didn’t have to play against her. Her previous work experience has been in sales and marketing, which included stints with the Jacksonville Icemen and managing a gym.

      Born and raised in Miami, Hannah speaks English and Spanish. In lieu of lacrosse, Hannah has turned to softball and pickleball to satisfy her competitive sports cravings. She also enjoys fishing.

    Hannah Vaccaro - Strategic Account Executive
  • Justin Kent

    Inventory IQ Solution Manager
    • We all have people in our lives who possess that quality that Huckleberry Finn called “sand.”

      A person with sand is someone you can trust to get the job done; someone who sees things through to the end and who keeps an upbeat attitude even when others around him start to cut and run.

      Justin Kent has been making the difficult things look easy since he started at HUB in 2012. He now runs point on our Inventory IQ® installs. Justin has sand.

      When he’s not working, Justin likes to hang out with friends at the river.

    Justin Kent - Inventory IQ Solution Manager
  • Marisha Burklow

    Strategic Account Executive
    • As a former dispatcher for the Hamilton County Sherriff’s department, Marisha (pronounced marEEsha) has plenty of experience gaining people’s trust over the phone, even in crisis situations. She has been with HUB since 2022, developing new business in the pallet industry.

      When she’s not working, Marisha’s favorite way to decompress is to take long hikes on a wilderness trail and find a secluded spot where she can string up a hammock and spend some time alone with a good book.

    Marisha Burklow - Strategic Account Executive
  • Caleb Vaughn

    Outside Sales Specialist

      When Caleb took a job at HUB in 2017, he was hired as a welder in our fabrication shop. Within 6 months, he had sufficiently impressed management that they offered him an opportunity to train as a sales representative. It was a turning point in his life. With sales, he was able to combine his self-starting work ethic with the opportunity to build relationships and make a difference in his customers’ lives. He found his passion when it fell into his lap.

      Now Caleb is focused on having a long career working for the company he believes in, helping his customers achieve their goals and making their lives easier.

      Caleb loves to hunt and spend time with friends and family. His belief is that you always end up where you belong and he considers HUB His home away from home.

    Caleb Vaughn - Outside Sales Specialist
  • Lindsay Markham

    Purchasing Manager
    • For a small-town girl born and raised in Lake City, Lindsay Markham has had a big city career, working over 20 years as a purchasing agent for an aviation company that has contracts with some of the world’s great airlines. She brought her purchasing expertise to HUB in 2017, and the change suits her. “I’ve never worked in an environment where the people have such care and respect for each other,” she says.

      When she’s not keeping the goods coming in for our customers, Lindsay can be found astride her Harley, enjoying the back roads and scenery with her husband, often with their adult son riding alongside. They comprise a different kind of motorcycle gang known simply as The Markhams.

    Lindsay Markham - Purchasing Manager
  • Emily Clark

    Industry Specialist
    • Emily is a confident and capable coordinator. She has years of experience in office administration, interacting with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Emily first came into the HUB orbit when she was manning a booth adjoining HUB’s at a job fair. Our paths continued to cross over the next few years before bringing her onboard in early 2019.

      Emily works on a team with Bennett Lacey, dealing directly with clients in the block pallet industries.

      Originally from South Carolina, Emily has been living in Florida since 2002. She loves to go on new adventures, explore the outdoors, and has traveled to several countries in Central America and Europe.

    Emily Clark- Industry Specialist
  • Robert Agnese

    Software Developer
    • As a student working toward an advanced degree at the University of Florida, Rob Agnese (pronounced Ag-NEE-see) developed a fascination with computer coding, and he became an expert at crafting software in pursuit of his academic goals.

      It has been a real boon to us at HUB Industrial that a developer with Rob’s skills would find his home here collaborating with the other members of our technology team to develop very sophisticated software systems that help our customers manage their supplies.

      Rob’s been here since early 2018, working almost exclusively on HUB’s Inventory IQ project, both on the handheld app and the other various parts and pieces that power it, including the web-based plug-in that integrates Inventory IQ with our website.

      In his spare time, Rob enjoys cooking, travel, and spending time with his family.

    Robert Agnese - Software Developer
  • Charlie Lacey

    Industry Specialist
    • The first time Charlie worked at HUB, he was a teenager in the shipping department. Now, several years later, Charlie is an account professional working in the glass, road construction, steel fab, and precast industries with a proven record of cultivating strong relationships in business.

      In the intervening years, Charlie worked for a small nursery that during his tenure had become a much larger nursery. As the nursery grew, so has Charlie’s experience and talent for understanding the needs of his clients. Back at HUB since 2019, he has been able to take the skills he learned at the nursery and combine them with the knowledge of industrial supplies and HUB values that he remembered from his days in the warehouse.

      Charlie lives in Jacksonville with his wife Carolina and two boys. He likes fishing, skim boarding, and flag football.

    Charlie Lacey - National Account Manager
  • Jonathan Rue

    Inventory IQ Solution Specialist
    • When Jonathan appears at your facility to set up your IQ system, you will be dealing with a capable and organized tactician. Jonathan’s experience in warehousing with the Air Force has prepared him to handle complex installations with a master plan to be executed one step at a time. He’s been with HUB since 2022.

      Despite his burly appearance, Jonathan is a man of letters who is more at home reading sonnets on a log in a forest or whipping up an amazing curry dish in the kitchen.

    Jonathan Rue - Inventory IQ Solution Specialist
  • Jennifer Guinn

    Industry Specialist
    • When Jenny came to work at HUB in 2017, she established herself as a trustworthy advisor to our galvanizing partners. She relocated to Colorado in 2019, but thanks to modern technology, she now is back in business helping out our galvanizers through an ever-present cloud of diffused essential oils right from her home office.

      When she’s not working, Jenny spends time with her husband and kids exploring the sights and activities that the Colorado Rockies are so famous for. She also enjoys knitting and cooking.

    Jennifer Guinn - Industry Specialist
  • Kylee Flagg

    Accounts Payable
    • In case you are wondering why Kylee Flagg needs that extra “g” at the end of her name, it’s there to provide additional reinforcement for her exuberant personality. The first day she pulled her single cab Silverado 4x4 into the HUB parking lot in 2020, the rest of us knew we had added a force to be reckoned with to our team.

      At 4’ 11”, Kylee proudly bears the title of shortest team member at HUB. She now works in our accounting department, giving our vendors the same red carpet service that she used to give our customers when she worked in Client Experience.

      Kylee is an outdoor enthusiast, spending all her spare time fishing in-shore or mud-bogging on her enormous ATV named Becky. We’re thinking of recommending that she start spelling her name “Flaggg.”

    Kylee Flagg - Client Experience Specialist
  • Mike Hall

    Product Manager
    • After spending over 20 years in the industrial supply field, Mike began working at HUB in 2021. He previously managed sales teams for Fastenal, Erie Tech, and United Central.

      “HUB’s focus on specific industries and their ability to dig deep into industry specifics seems to me to be a powerful way to serve our customers,” Mike says. “I really appreciate the latitude each department has to focus on what they do best, knowing that the other departments will excel at supporting our efforts.”

      Mike is new to Florida, having lived most of his life west of the Rockies. A true outdoorsman, he loves fishing and camping, and he’s a longtime Formula 1 racing fan.

    Mike Hall- Industry Sales Manager
  • Casey Martin

    Client Experience Specialist
    • From the time she was 16, Casey has been immersed in the world of work. Her life experience has taught her to stick up for herself and not allow anyone to tell her what can and cannot be achieved. She rose from working as a server in the fast-food industry to higher and higher positions of responsibility through the leadership and managerial abilities she has developed. Her most recent position prior to joining HUB in 2021 was receptionist at a large medical office.

      Since Casey joined the client experience team at HUB, she says it’s the best working environment she’s ever known. “It’s so nice to have a caring and supportive work environment,” she says.

      A native of North Florida, Casey spends her off time with her two daughters and taking online continuing education classes. She also enjoys shopping.

    Casey Martin- Client Experience Specialist
  • Donna Watts

    Client Experience Specialist
    • Most bilingual workers in this country were either born in a foreign country and had to learn English when they moved to the U.S., or they were born into first-generation families and learned to speak both English and their parent’s language in their formative years. Donna was born and raised in Lake City and learned to speak Spanish later in life to pursue her interest in Hispanic culture.

      As a team member in our Client Experience department since 2021, Donna has quickly attracted the attention and trust of our many Spanish-speaking customers, many of whom now request to speak with her whenever they need to talk to someone at HUB. Whether your idiom is English or Spanish, you’ll find a friendly and helpful voice on the other end of the line when you are connected with Donna!

    Donna Watts- Client Experience Specialist
  • Kimberly Roberts

    Client Experience Specialist
    • It takes all kinds of people to bake the exquisite soufflé that is HUB Industrial Supply. Kim’s been with us answering phone calls in client experience since 2022, but do you know what she likes to do when she’s not responding to your calls? Paperwork! That’s right. Paperwork. She loves nothing more than scouring lists of unfulfilled orders and getting to the bottom of when things will be shipped and searching for any other loose ends that might slow down the wheels of progress.

      Kim’s previous work history includes many years in the banking and hospitality fields. She really enjoys working at HUB because every day brings a different challenge to master.

      When she’s off the clock, Kim enjoys spending time at home with her blended family, which includes a husband and 4 boys.

    Kimberly Roberts- Client Experience Specialist
  • Joe Moore

    Manager of Strategic Accounts
    • Upon first impression, Joe Moore is unmistakably a man of discipline. A former Captain in the US army infantry, Joe exudes a sort of military efficiency and enthusiasm to meet any challenge head on. He came to work for HUB in 2023 after a storied career solving problems at the executive level in a handful of industrial, manufacturing, and food and beverage companies.

      Joe is managing our representatives in the auto recycling and waste industries.

      He lives in Lake City with his wife Libby. They are parents to 3 adult children and enthusiastic supporters of the area youth soccer program.

    Joe Moore- Manager of Strategic Accounts
  • Tim Anderson

    Strategic Account Executive
    • As a sales professional whose specialty is developing underserved markets, Tim is skilled in identifying opportunities that others miss. After a long career in the lending and financial services space, Tim joined our team in 2023.

      Tim was attracted to HUB’s go-to-business approach and feels that his personal style of relating to the needs of his customers meshes well with the company focus on meeting client’s industry-specific needs.

      A native of Minneapolis, Tim relocated to Jacksonville in 2016 to flee the cold winters. As long as he can still cheer on his beloved Vikings from his lounge chair at a patio sports bar, he never gets homesick at all.

    Tim Anderson- Strategic Account Executive
  • Ana Angel

    Strategic Account Executive
    • If you ever see Ana having a bad day, please let us know. Her sunny attitude and infectious laugh are what people remember most when she’s busy helping our customers in the waste industry find solutions to their supply problems.

      Ana was born in Colombia and came to this country in 2001. You would never know that English is her second language because she speaks without a trace of an accent. She’s been on the HUB team since 2023.

      When she’s not working, she’s busy working on craft projects or going on adventures with her husband and kids.

    Ana Angel- Strategic Account Executive
  • Bryan Cason

    Strategic Account Executive
    • An Air Force veteran experienced in handling high-stakes situations and keeping his composure, Bryan has worked in HUB’s Pallet problem-solving team since 2023.

      Bryan’s tenure in the military was spent in a law-enforcement role, providing security to the U.S. nuclear weapons installations. He brings the same no-nonsense demeanor to his role at HUB. When Bryan tells you how HUB can help you with your supply questions, you can count on his answers to be accurate, not sugar-coated, and reliable. He is an expert on paint as well, having spent many years behind the counter at the local Sherwin Williams store.

      In his spare time, Bryan prowls the local lakes with his fishing tackle in search of large mouth bass.

    Bryan Cason- Strategic Account Executive
  • Tim Bagley

    Outside Sales Representative
    • As one of our regional reps, Tim’s main role at HUB is to keep many of our clients within a 150-mile radius well supplied with the consumables they need to keep production rolling.

      Tim started at HUB in 2023 after working several years in the grocery business. He grew up in north Florida and played soccer and golf on his college teams.

      He remains an avid golfer to this day. “It’s a good way to stay in touch with my friends,” he says. “As we get older and start to have families, sometimes getting a chance to play 9 holes or more with an old buddy is the best way to stay connected.”

    Tim Bagley- Outside Sales Representative