Our Boss Comments

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how impressed I am with your company. Many times you hear about the things you do wrong. I just wanted to point out a few things you do right. First of all I love the Monday Morning Minute videos! It makes it fun for me on a boring Monday to be able to watch how excited and friendly everyone is on the video. Sending an email signature with your picture, Brilliant! I like to know who it is that I am speaking with, in fact it makes me want to put my picture in my emails. I can always get in touch with someone right away if I ever have a problem or a question. The gifts are always great too. It gives me a goal or something to strive toward, and my kids love the helicopters. All these things may not seem like much, but it makes your company my #1 preferred vendor.
Baskin L. Bembry Cordele Metal Works, Inc.
I was using 50 Blades with the leading Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade Manufacturer paying $42.00 each. Today I am using 24 blades paying $37.00 with HUB. I am nothing but impressed with the performance that they deliver.
Ray Manufacturing, GA
We changed to HUB Industrial and Wikus on our band saw blades. We saw a vast improvement in production, lead time and life of the blade.
Howard Dano Dixie Metal Products
I received a 100% client satisfaction card with my order today. The only complaint that I have is that there are not more vendors with people like Mark Magstadt and Ross Golden. These two gentlemen have made working with HUB City a pleasure. If we ever run into any issues Mark and Ross take care of it immediately. They make it much easier to get through the days at work. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how great the two guys are.
Krista Sexton Vigneaux Corporation
Provide free shipping
Chris - California
Great customer service
Fred - Maine
Variety at fair pricing and quick turn around are positives.
Brian - Indiana
I received my product extremely fast and it worked well. They even called me to confirm my identity which was great considering we live in a world of fraud.
Ryan -
You're there when I need you.
John -
Very friendly and professional great service
Vicki - Florida
Your customer service, if we need something hub sees that we get it.
Jose - Florida
I receive too many emails.
Paul - South Dakota
Price and customer service
Mark - South Carolina
You do a very good job
David - Texas
Quick Service
Jody - Florida
like - friendly, go out of their way to help in any way they can...don't - none...change...Maybe possible with the invoice e-mail packing slip for a quicker processing of invoices. no big deal though
Janet - Massachusetts
Antonio - Ohio
Joe - Florida
Customer service. Pricing could be a little better on some things, but all in all you guys rock.
Rick - Florida
Good service, kind staff.
Greg - Oklahoma
Great sales staff very helpful
B.J. - Nebraska
Easy to order.
Anthony - Kansas
Great Service.
Jody - Indiana
Dewey - Pennsylvania
Customer Service and response is exceptional. I wish you could do a vendor managed inventory at our facilities.
Justin - Michigan
You do a great job from helping with making the order to fast shipping, thanks.
Allen - Texas
Ease of ordering, same day order processing.
Rusty - Florida
Supplies always in stock is a great thing.
Penny - Louisiana
Sorry, cant think of one thing to change. You and your company do a great job for us. Thanks!
Joe - Florida
Great service with competitive pricing.
Brandon - South Carolina
Your customer service is the best, thank you.
Adrian - Florida
Great customer service.
Chuck - Virginia
I would like my bandsaw blades to be free. Other than that, you guys do a great job!
Chuck - Michigan
Customer Service is outstanding, on time order processing & Hub treats me like I'm a person and not just $.
James - Florida
Good sale staff that makes you feel like famly and change nothing.
Jack - Michigan
Change-Nothing I love that you call me and check in see how I am doing the emails are often enuough to helpful but not so much they become clutter in my inbox. Love your blades! they are the best i have ever used just keep up the good work and happy holidays from me to all the staff at hub
Paul - Ohio
HUB is a great company that puts customer service as their top priority. It is evident that the company culture of " putting the customer first" is instilled into each employee.
Mark - Georgia
Jake - Kentucky
Hub has the best customer service and ship times I have ever experienced. Thank you!
Terri - Indiana
I get a lot of our supplies from HUB... like that one stop shopping.... Thanks!
Lewis - Texas
Fast friendly service.
Matt - Florida
Great customer service and we like the quality of your sawzall blades.
Doug - Pennsylvania
Always have what I need in stock
Jimmy - Florida
The prices are great ,but some items come with quantities to high for me to order at one time.
Bryan - Georgia
Very satisfied
Boss - Idaho
Nice price—friendly customer service on phone—quick ship—very satisfied.
Jeffrey - Maine
Pros: The staff are professional and well trained. Cons: I understand there are periodic price increases, and that I am a relatively small customer, but it seems like every time I order a product, the price has gone up.
Curt - Florida
Hub always looks out for their customer! They are willing to go the extra mile and do what ever it takes to insure customer is happy. They live up to their motto that you the customer are the boss.
Tim - Florida
Love my rep, she is always cheerful and knowledgable.
Don - Oregon
Just cant get any better!
Rick - Missouri
When first starting with your company I was lead to believe I had a specific salesperson. Come to find out they only set up my account and any operator takes my order.
Mike - Nebraska
You guys are great...thank you!
Michael - Pennsylvania
Good prices and quick shipping.
Wayne - Texas
Like delivery. Wish you would match prices.
Kevin - Georgia
You understand our needs and have everything on hand and ready to ship. Great job!
Steven - New Jersey
Rapid turn around time.
Chris - Missouri
I order a lot of the same items and sometimes history is a little messy. It use to be easier to click the item and know the count for full boxes. It would also be nice to know if there are discounts on larger quantities.
Bob - Nebraska
Great company...I am just not in business anymore.
Bob - Missouri
Everything has been fine, always looking for more products to help your customers... that's awesome!
Don - Pennsylvania
I like your service and prices and the people that work at hub are very nice to talk to. You guys are doing a great job, Thank you!
Gus - New York
Quality of material, customer service, speed and price.
Todd - South Carolina
I am a consumer, not a business. I needed galvanized paint and HUB had it.
Peter - New York
I like your industry specific marketing.
Ben - Washington
I thought you said one question!
Dallas - Indiana
Good service; prices..dependable
Kara - Illinois
Everyone I have spoken to, who has taken my orders over the phone, has always been very polite and extremely helpful. Also, I always receive my orders very quickly and have never had any problems or issues.
Melissa - Maryland
more products
Jesse - South Dakota
Connie - Kansas
You have a friendly staff on phone.
Brendan - Texas
Great prices.
Carlis - West Viginia
Easy to work with, stand firmly behind everything they sale, professional yet friendly. Specialize in the needs of galvanizers. One of our few preferred vendors. Care about their customers.
Barry - Pennsylvania
It would be very hard to find another company that really does put you first the way HUB does. Keep up the great work!
Matt - South Carolina
Like product knowledge and great service.
Forest - Louisiana
Their fast turn around time.
Katie - Missouri
I think HUB does a good job.Mark is a great salesman and so far we have had no issues.
Brandon - Georgia
Edward - Georgia
Customer services is great!!!
Joey - Louisiana
I like that I can order over the phone or online. You guys have always been very responsive to our needs here . There are a few things I wished you carried such as finger tape and 3" Flagging tape and a few others that I can't think of at the time but other than that everything is great. I have another vendor who is burning up my phone line and email trying to get our business but it is your service and convenience that keeps me ignoring him.
James - Florida
I like how fast Hub ships and the order is always full.
Neil - Minnesota
Nothing, all good
Richard - Florida
Jason - Kentucky
I like the specific galvanizing equipment and PPE offered. Could be a little more variety(not much more!)
Robert - Nebraska
Additional locations in the Western United States. Expansion of product types.
Dave - California
Lawrence - Maryland
I think your product Kettle suits are really great and deeply disappointed that they are not readily available.
Erin - Australia
Likes!!! You have just about everything I need. Dislike, don't have the paint marker we use Diagraph 2018-p
Adam - New York
David - Georgia
Great Service.
James - Florida
Great personal service and products.
Don - Florida
The sales people.
Michael - Indiana
Fast & Kind Service.
Beatrice - Texas
Don't change the people. You have a great team!
Jeff - Texas
Great service.
Mike - Georgia
I like everyone's friendly attitude and how eager they are to make sure you get what you want when you need it.
Joe - Illinois
I DO NOT Like the constant harassment after being told that our internal process is slow to approve materials or supplies and given an expected deadline. I do like that I can get anything I need almost immediately.
Richard - California
Nice website. Good inventory.
Danny - Georgia
I like our 1 on 1 relationship, your excellent customer service, and the fact you pretty much work with us on whatever we need.
Mickey - Florida
Friendly service,expertise and quality of products.
Scotty - Georgia
Excellent service and rapport with customers on the phone, same for availability, plus reasonable pricing. Please don't let this go to your head...
Mike - Washington